Our Firm, Banka CFO has launched a Financial Literacy Project with two of India’s leading non-profit organisations namely, Salaam Bombay Foundation and Narottam Sekhsaria Foundation. A properly-designed financial education program provides ways for non-profits to make a long-term positive difference in their communities while receiving a measurable return for their efforts.

This Project is called, “The Finance Mantra” wherein we have been imparting financial literacy to 150+ individuals belonging to the underprivileged slum communities of Mumbai.

This Project was launched with a vision to upskill and impart the urban poor of Mumbai with personal capacity building skills in finance in the areas of savings, safe investments, financial planning, etc. with an objective to better equip them to successfully combat the economic recession due to COVID-19.

So far, the Project has benefited nearly 150 families with 30+ hours of sessions successfully delivered through learning, knowledge sharing, and interaction.

We launched live webinars to help the attendees up skill in topics related to finance and we have received incredible feedback from them.

The CEO of a participating not-for-profit appreciated our well-designed program by calling it as “enriching, engaging, insightful and fun with knowledge take-aways that could be implemented.”

Are you a not-for-profit looking to partner or associate with our cause to reach a wider audience and create a bigger impact?

Then, drop us a line at: shristi.banka@bankacfo.com

Explore our content and topics included in this initiative of promoting financial literacy.

Shubham Shankar Pedamkar

“I learnt how to save money, financial planning, difference between needs and wants, safe investments, and what is income and expenditure through these sessions.”

Shubham Shankar Pedamkar

Aadesh Nandvikar

“I have started saving, daily budgeting, and creating emergency funds after attending these sessions by Shristi and her team.”

Aadesh Nandvikar
Rural / Salaam Mumbai Foundation.

Sadashiv Hattarki

“I learnt how to assessing my financial risks and different methods of savings”

Sadashiv Hattarki
Team Lead, / SBF

Nandina Ramchandran

“The feedback received from the participants of the session has been extremely positive.Participants described the session to be enriching, engaging, insightful and fun with knowledge take-aways that could be implemented.”

Chief Executive Officer / Salaam Bombay Foundation.

Ajay Chavan

“I will start budgeting now, I was supposed to take a business loan but now I will do some planningand thentake it.”

Ajay Chavan
Social Worker

Suchitra Suresh Shinde

“I am going to start investing my savingsand planning for my future after being a part of The Finance Mantra”.

Suchitra Suresh Shinde

Some Facts and Figures

  • More than 93% of the attendees found the topics covered in The Finance Mantra very helpful in their daily lives.
  • More than 80% of the attendees said that the learning will help them maximize savings and control expenses.
  • More than 97% of the attendees said that they would like to participate more in such financial literacy initiatives.
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